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Majors’ Holiday Feast 


Majors’ Holiday Feast

 ( Min 50 Guests ) 

• Slow Roasted Certified Angus Prime Rib (Carve) 

 Main Entrée (Your choice of two more of the following selections):

• Whole roasted turkey with gravy, cranberry sauce & stuffing

 • Country glazed ham with Honey Mustard Sauce or Apple Sauce

 • Creamy Braised Chicken and Onions 

• Poached Lemon Salmon with Dill Sauce

 • Roasted Pork Loin with Mushroom and Pearl Onion Gravy

 • Roasted Rosemary Chicken 

Sides: (Choose 3)

 • Creamy garlic mashed potatoes & gravy  

• Scallop potatoes with cheddar cheese

 • Steamed broccoli with cheddar cheese sauce

 • Glazed carrots with fresh dill 

• Roasted baby potatoes with fresh herbs and olive oil

• Fried Perogies and Onions, served with sour cream

 • Rice pilaf

 Served with:

 • Freshly baked dinner buns with butter 

• Seasonal Vegetable Medley

 • Majors spinach salad

 fresh grapes, berries, candied pecans and dried cranberries with citrus dressing and feta cheese 

• Classic Caesar salad 

• Mixed green salad with a selection of dressings and vinaigrettes

 • Deluxe Cheese platter

 • Assorted pickles, olives, and beets 

• Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter  

• Chef’s selection of homemade desserts and squares 

$55/person plus tax and gratuity